White Iris

This image is a new pencil painting entitled White Iris. I created it as a companion piece to Lilac Wine.

White Iris

Starting today, for the months of June and July, my show Water Works will be on display at the Saratoga Springs Senior Center, in Saratoga Springs, NY. The show is composed of 8 of my water-themed watercolor paintings. The show will also be at two other locations in Saratoga later in the year.

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5 Responses to White Iris

  1. Heather says:

    It’s gorgeous!

  2. Oded says:

    Beautiful, as are all your other works that I’ve seen.
    Congratulations for the Saratoga display. One must be good to get those.
    Thank you for sharing.

  3. Jen.Rodrigue says:

    Hi Cindi,

    Avery and I stopped at the Senior Center downtown today to look at your paintings. They so beautiful! You are a very talented painter!

    ~ Jen

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