Lewey Lake

This commissioned painting, entitled Lewey Lake, is the largest watercolor painting I have done to date. It measures 2 x 3 feet and took me the entire winter to complete. The image is comprised of 3 different photos, all taken from my boat on Lewey Lake in the Adirondack Mountains. Snowy Mountain is seen in the background, and the Pickeral Weed (What a horrid name for such a beautiful flower!) can be found in the stream connecting Lewey and Indian Lake.


Lewey Lake

Lewey Lake

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6 Responses to Lewey Lake

  1. mehrlich125 says:

    Cindi, your work is really lovely. I’m sure its new owners will be very pleased. Congratulations on completing such an enormous challenge.

  2. Jenney Maloy says:

    Just lovely!!!

  3. cindihandy says:

    Thank you everyone!

  4. Beautiful detail and depth that really draws one into the picture!

  5. nickngl says:

    Beautiful scene with such rich details and a depth that draws one into the picture. I want to fish there or climb that mountain in the distance.

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