Moose River

I think many artists would agree that watercolor is one of the most challenging mediums to use. Trying to correct any mistakes in watercolor is extremely difficult, if not impossible. I took a lovely photo of Moose River over the past summer, that I wanted to paint. I did all the work of sketching and transferring the image onto watercolor paper and started to paint in the sky. It was a complete disaster. Evidently I’d forgotten how to paint clouds. Painting skies in watercolor requires you to paint very fast and boldly, which is the opposite of how I paint. I made myself practice clouds for a week, before I tried again.

Finally I returned to my original sketch and started over. Here is my final painting, entitled Moose River. The sky is still not what I originally envisioned, but I made myself finish the painting anyways. No matter how many years you paint, there is always room for improvement, and you can learn something new every time you paint.

Moose River
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2 Responses to Moose River

  1. Suzette Usher says:

    I love the foreground grasses of the Mose River painting. I am assuming you did negative painting for the darks. Beautifully done.

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