New painting

Inspired by more flowers from my garden, my latest watercolor painting is entitled Blossoming. The flowers are Matrix Asiatic Lilies and the blossoms just glow with vivid color.

This painting was a bit of an experiment, as I used 400 lb. cold press Arches watercolor paper, instead of my usual 140 lb. It was definitely a different experience. The paint really absorbed into the paper quickly. No warping or bubbling of the paper, which was nice, but it was more challenging to get crisp edges and paint all the fine details that I love to paint.

Click on the slide show below to see the evolution of my painting.

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2 Responses to New painting

  1. Joe & Sally Rowny says:

    What beautiful work….I can’t believe it is a watercolor and not a picture taken by a camera….your talent is blossoming….Love Aunt Sally

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