New watercolor painting!

I was inspired last summer while sorting through my mother’s old sewing supplies. My mother was an avid quilter, known for her crazy quilts. She had sorted hundreds of thread spools into Ziplock bags by color scheme. The colors caught my eye immediately. The spools range from antique, to retro 1960’s, to modern design. I don’t normally do still life paintings, but I had to give this a try. I set up the spools outside in the strong sunlight, and took dozens of photos until I got the look I wanted. I meticulously drew the spools before I started painting. (At the bottom of this post there is a slide show, if you’d like to see the painting as it progressed.)

The painting is called Vintage Color. It was an ambitious image to paint, but I love painting new things and challenging myself. I began this painting back in November of 2022. It took quite a while to paint, but I enjoyed the subject so much, I’ve started another painting to go along with it.

Vintage Color
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6 Responses to New watercolor painting!

  1. Sue Murphy says:

    OMG, Cindy!! This is amazing! The captured detail is incredible! How long did this piece take you to complete? I’m in awe!

    • cindihandy says:

      Thank you Sue! I worked on this piece on and off for about three months. That’s actually pretty typical for me, when I paint larger watercolor paintings like this one.

  2. says:

    Cindi – you have a very special talent and we always enjoy seeing all of your watercolors….unbelievable, it’s like looking at a picture taken by a camera. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Suzette Usher says:

    I love your watercolors and seeing your process is enlightening. I think this work will go far.

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