Three Rocks

This watercolor painting is entitled Three Rocks. It was inspired by a photograph I took while kayaking on Fish Creek last spring. It was early morning and the bright sunlight was hitting the shore only in certain areas. It was a challenging piece, not only because of the exact reflections in the water, but because of the large size. The painting is 12 inches by 36 inches long. I had been saving an old frame, that my brother discarded, because of its unusual shape and size. I refinished the frame, which came out quite good. The painting was created specifically for the frame.

Three Rocks

Three Rocks

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8 Responses to Three Rocks

  1. Mark Maloy says:

    I don’t remember a frame like that!

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  2. This is one of my favorites…

  3. Jenney Maloy says:

    Just lovely!

  4. Bridget DiCello says:


  5. Kenny says:

    Dat cool

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