Water Works Show

I have finished the last five paintings for my Water Works show next week. The show will consist of 15 of my “water-themed” watercolor paintings. The paintings will be on display January 29th through February 24th at the Saratoga Library Gallery. The show will then move to the Saratoga Visitor’s Center and be displayed there from February 25th through March 31st.

My first of the five paintings is entitled Blue Flag. This is the actual name of the delicate water plant in the painting. I was lucky enough to spot it on the upper Hudson River, on a very cold, gray day while kayaking last fall.

Blue Flag

Blue Flag

This next painting is called Buck Mountain Pond. It’s based on a photograph I took while hiking, from the back side of Buck Mountain.

Buck Mountain Pond

Buck Mountain Pond

The following painting is entitled The Narrows of Lake George. It is similar to another painting I just did of Lake George, but this view is from the summit of Black Mountain.

The Narrows of Lake George

The Narrows of Lake George

In Flight, was inspired by a lucky camera shot of a Great Blue Heron lifting off from beautiful Fish Creek last spring.

In Flight

In Flight

And this last painting is called Hawaiian Lilies. I was surprised to see that water lilies grow in the Hawaiian Islands. Who knew? Although the lily pads look similar to those found in upstate New York, the flowers themselves look very different and stretch high above the water, rather than resting on it.

Hawaiian Lilies

Hawaiian Lilies

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4 Responses to Water Works Show

  1. These are beautiful!!!! I love the narrows…

  2. Sue Kirchgessner says:

    Yay, good job you! Love love love!!!!!

  3. your work is wonderful. so real like. Thank You for presenting for us.

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