The King’s Garden

I recently spotted the most amazing flower while visiting The King’s Garden in Ticonderoga, NY. I believe it is called a Parrot Tulip. Taking a break from watercolors this past month, I decided to “paint” this tulip with colored pencils. This colored pencil painting has 6-8 layers of pencil on each section. I photographed my painting every couple of days while working on it, in order to show the building of color.

And here is the final result.

8" x 10" colored pencil painting - $200

The King’s Garden

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5 Responses to The King’s Garden

  1. So cool! I love how you photographed it along the way so we could see it evolve. Awesome!!

  2. Ken says:

    Simply Awesome!

  3. Jenney Maloy says:

    It’s fun to see your process! Very pretty!

  4. nickngl says:

    I like the vivid colors and composition. Thanks for sharing with us!

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