Market Joy

Part 3

Working around the central flowers, I continue painting one small section at a time.

The painting is starting to get more complicated with the cellophane and water droplets abstracting the image. I continue using resist to preserve the white areas, until I’m ready to paint them. Some of the white areas will remain sharp, while others will be soften and blended into the whites.

I paint the last small section, then begin tweaking the overall painting and adjusting the tones of the background. This painting is 16” x 20” and has taken me a total of 12 weeks to complete. Here is the final watercolor painting, entitled “Market Joy.”

Market Joy
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4 Responses to Market Joy

  1. Bridget DiCello says:

    Fantastic! Those flowers just shout “Joy!” You are an incredible artist Cindy!

  2. Joseph C Rowny says:

    You always amaze me with your paintings. Just beautiful!

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