Market Joy

Part 2

Now I’m starting with the darks, by painting the purple leaves. I’m using a piece of clean paper to protect the areas already painted, so I don’t ruin it with my hand or drip on it accidentally.

Next, I begin painting the hearts of the sunflowers using the same process as the petals, mentioned previously. The centers of sunflowers are called disk flowers and are arranged in a spiral. My detailing is consisting of layers of dots and dashes to create the texture.

All of the foreground flowers are done. I now need to begin working on the flowers that are partially covered with cellophane wrap. These will be more blurry and abstract. I’m going to work in small sections so that I don’t have resist on the paper for more than a couple days. Starting with a pale yellow wash in the corner, I do a negative painting of the reflected leaves. After adding in shadows, I do a dark wash to soften the edges. I will probably lighten some of the cellophane at some point, but for now I’m removing the resist and moving on to another section.

To be continued…

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